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Rated Number #1 In

Birthday Parties!

“We booked Ken to perform at our daughter’s fifth birthday party. He put on a great show. All the kids loved it and the parents were having a great time too.  It was so impressive that just about every parent asked me for his contact information at the end of the show so they can book him in the future. Highly recommended.”   Jordan Hendrick

Basic Package:

40 min. comedy magic show with live rabbit, birthday child is the star of the show, plenty of audience participation, balloon sculptures for your birthday child. Every child will receive a FREE magic activity sheet that will teach them some easy magic tricks.

 Deluxe Package:

 The deluxe package includes everything in the basic package with the addition to 8 FREE  FUN goodie bags. Also, the birthday child will receive a Ken Scott Magic show DVD. For the Grand Finale, the birthday child will float in the air! The show is one hour long, which includes a fun game and great music during the show. Total Time 1 Hour.

Super Deluxe Package:

The super package includes everything in the basic and deluxe package with the  addition  birthday child will receive one Ken Scott Magic Set perfect for all ages. You will get 16 FUN  goodie bags and fun games following the magic show.



I would HIGHLY recommend Ken to anyone. Everyone loved the show even the adults loved Ken. I have never seen anyone who had total …

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Thank you, for a great show. Ken made my sons party very memorable for all of us. I was not sure how I was going to entertain 23 s…

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We had no idea what to expect and WE were WOWED! Everyone keeps talking about the party!…

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